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healthy kids

Healthy Kid’s Snack Ideas

Posted on August 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

Parents are often looking for healthy kids snacks to help their children stay fit. It can be a challenge, though, with all of the unhealthy, over-sweetened and fattening snacks out there to tempt your kids. Worst of all, advertising actively targets children, encouraging them to have a sweet tooth and crave junk food. While it can seem like an uphill battle, there are things you can do to instill healthy snacking habits in your children.

Snacks, for children and adults alike, can be a time when people make some of their least healthy eating choices. With kids, this can be a time when you can’t always be watching or supervising what they eat. You can, however, send them off to school with some healthy snacks, which can help them develop good habits.

Until recently, it has been widely assumed that watching your weight was something you didn’t have to worry about until you were an adult, maybe even middle-aged. Sadly, however, we are seeing a rapid increase in childhood obesity. The causes for this are mainly twofold, and not very hard to identify: an increase in calories and junk food and a corresponding decrease in physical activity! You can help to influence your children in positive ways in both of these areas.

Be sure that your kids get a good breakfast every morning. This should include a high quality protein and maybe some fruit. Being too hungry in between meals is one reason kids gravitate towards unhealthy snacks. If you give them cereal for breakfast, try to give them a healthy one that is not over-sweetened. Sugary cereals can start off a day long habit of sugar spikes and letdowns. Sugar acts as a drug in the body, and has an addictive quality. So if kids (or adults) start the day off eating very sweet foods, as soon as the initial sugar jolt starts to wear off they will start craving more.

Healthy trail mixes can make excellent snacks. Again, look for ones without added sugar. Today many trail mixes contain pieces of candy, which are hardly healthy. Nuts and dried fruit are good sources of, respectively, protein and natural sugar. Another idea is to put the trail mix into some plain yogurt. You can add a little natural sweetener like raw honey, pure maple syrup or agave nectar.

Instead of potato chips or pretzels, try giving your kids healthier substitutes like vegetable chips, which can be found in natural foods section of your supermarket.

You can also find things like organic, whole grain crackers. These can be dipped in foods like hummus, baba ganoush (both tasty Middle Eastern spreads), guacamole or an all natural salsa.

If you buy packaged snacks, look for healthier alternatives to candy bars. Even many energy bars are highly sweetened. They do, however, make energy bars or fruit strips that are only sweetened with organic or natural ingredients instead of sugar or corn syrup.

These are just a few ideas for healthy kids snacks. If you make it a point to pay attention to what your children eat in between meals you can help them develop healthier eating habits.

The Basics on Raising Healthy Kids

Posted on August 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

Having healthy kids is something that we all want. Raising healthy children will depend on the balance of a number of things since children have to be healthy in all aspects. Generally, children who are healthy are happy and will perform better in everything that they do.

Mentally, you can help stimulate your child’s development by teaching him the different skills that he needs. Reading stories together daily, talking about the things that he did and helping your child find out what his interests are will all help. Allow your child to explore the world around him so that he learns about how things work and he is able to satisfy his curiosity.

In terms of emotions, a lot of support should be given in their areas of interest. Take time to praise your child for the good things that he does and try to keep away from negative remarks.

Even children experience stress so teach him how to relax and cope with the daily stress that he goes through. Listening to what your child has to say is an important part of it all as well, so do make sure to lend an ear and always make eye contact to make him feel that he is important and that his opinion counts too.

Socially, you can help your child develop by exposing him to peers and helping him learn to socialize. Trips to the park, play school and even play dates can help open doors to meeting peers. This can also be a perfect chance for you to teach your child social graces, during situations that call for it.

In the physical aspect, you can make sure to raise healthy kids by keeping them active. This does not only mean keeping them in sports, but also making sure that you both do activities together. Playing with your child can be exercise in itself, and it will help you bond together as well. Of course you will also need to make sure that your child has the right nutrition in order to grow properly physically.

A well balanced diet that is properly planned will help ensure that your kids receive the proper nutrition to grow and have the right amount of energy to keep up with daily activities. Good nutrition should be practiced right from the start if you want to raise healthy kids. From the time that you have your child you should make the choice to go natural, picking breast milk over formula. Incorporate as much fruits and vegetables in meals and opt for water or fresh fruit juices when it comes to drinks. If you start early then it will be easier to continue this practice as your child grows older.

A good rule of thumb to follow when trying to raise healthy kids and plan nutritious meals is to stay away from processed foods that can contain additives, chemicals and preservatives. Rather opt for natural and fresh foods that will be better for your kids. Both malnutrition and obesity can be avoided if you keep meals healthy and natural. Keeping this in mind make it a habit to read the nutritional labels on the things that you buy; you will basically want less of the fats and more of the nutrients such as vitamins, fiber etc.

You can also make sure that your child gets the right nutrition by monitoring what he eats. Instead of having him buy food in the cafeteria where he can get junk from vending machines, try brown bagging. This does not have to mean that meals will be boring and taste awful. It can be a good challenge for you to come up with an interesting and delicious meal that will make your child look forward to lunch each day.

As a whole, raising healthy kids is possible if you remember to strike a good balance in all the aspects and give your kids the food they need.


Healthy Kids With Gardening

Posted on August 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

If you have kids, you know how difficult it can be to get them to eat a healthy diet. I’m here to tell you, it is possible to have healthy kids with gardening. One of the simplest ways to get your children to eat fruits and vegetables is to get them involved in growing healthy food. You will be amazed to see your kids eating the same fruits and vegetables they’ve refused in the past. Grow a garden for healthy kids. It’s that simple!

A few years back, I started noticing more and more headlines about farmers using dangerous pesticide in the food we purchase from the supermarket. I began wondering if the fresh produce I was encouraging my kids to eat was healthy after all? Some of the articles even pointed to research linking common childhood and adult diseases to the use of pesticide in fruits and vegetables. I was convinced it was time to find a better way to eat healthy.

How do we avoid the dangers of pesticide and know our kids are getting the healthy food they need? The answer is to grow the food yourself. Not only will you feel good about what your family is eating, but growing a garden with your kids is really fun. Family fun AND healthy eating, oh my! It sounds too good to be true. But it can be reality for your family. You too can have healthy kids with gardening.

I have always been a believer in healthy eating and fitness, but just because I enjoy eating salads doesn’t mean my kids always follow my lead. I have had challenges getting them to eat fruit and veggies. When my husband started a gardening hobby several years ago, I noticed how excited my kids were to get involved. They even started asking to taste the fruit and vegetables. It was like a dream come true! I thought to myself, maybe this garden can help us do more than just grow healthy food. That was when I realized we could have healthy kids with gardening. This hobby was the answer. At that point, I was hooked and we have been growing our own food ever since.

I know what you’re thinking right now. These are the things running through your head:

• I would love to grow healthy kids with healthy food, but I don’t have time.
• That sounds like a lot of work.
• My kids are so picky, I’m not sure this will work for them.

I would like to challenge your thoughts with my own facts. I am also a busy, working mom. I know how stressful life can be with kids. But I’m here to tell you it’s possible to grow healthy kids and healthy food with little time and effort. So, here is my reply to your concerns.

• You can grow healthy food and have healthy kids with a small time commitment.
• There are many low maintenance, pre-made gardening systems for reasonable prices that require little effort and maintenance.
• I promise, if you get your kids involved in planting and taking care of plants, they will be excited enough to give them a try.

Growing a garden with your kids is not only healthy, but it’s also fun. You will enjoy some great quality time with the kids, and it’s really a small investment of your time. You will get so much joy seeing the excitement on your children’s faces when the seeds sprout and when your first fruits or vegetables begin to grow. So what are you waiting for? You really should get started today.