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Healthy Kids Lunches

Posted on June 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

My mother always assumed that when I went to school each day I was getting a healthy lunch through the school system. For the most part, she was right. On the weekends, she made sure that we had healthy kids lunches, even if they were quick and easy. School lunches are not always what they use to be. For most of us, we had a good lunch, with the option to buy something sweet afterward, if we had the money. Today, schools are overridden with bad food choices and your kids are falling for it each day without realizing what they are doing to their health.

If you came from a school much like the one I attended, the idea of fast food for lunch was something you got as a senior, when you could leave campus for lunch. It was never something you would find in your school cafeteria. Other kids did not have to wait that long, and they did not have to leave the school, as they had fast food options right there in their school. The idea of healthy kids lunches was not important in these schools, as they needed the money they got for allowing this to pay for important school functions and programs. The kids gained on one hand but lost on the other.

Today, there are still schools that have trouble getting children to have healthy kids lunches because they still have very unhealthy options. As you know, many kids will go with what tastes the best to them with little regard or knowledge as to what they should be eating. Healthy means nothing to children who still feel as if they are going to live forever. It is not until well into adulthood that the ramifications of an unhealthy diet become a reality to be feared. Many parents are unaware of how poorly their children are eating.

Most schools today have gotten a little better, and even if they have bad options they are trying hard to offer better choices and they are encouraging kids to eat them through education and programs designed to show them why making healthy choices are beneficial to them. Some schools have a regular menu that is not too bad, and an even better healthy menu that the children can have. This makes choosing healthy kids lunches easier for kids as they can go over options with parents and learn from a younger age what they should be choosing. These habits can stick with them.

If you are worried about healthy kids lunches, you can send a lunch in with your child, or limit how much they can spend each day at school. If they have extra money or can charge, they are going to buy extras and those extras may not be to your liking. If you can prepay, do so, and then have the school put a limit a child can spend on their lunch account each day so they get only the good stuff. Let them have a treat once in a while, but you have more control than you use to so they aren’t having ice cream every day. Many schools are now offering healthy breakfast as well.