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Florida Healthy Kids Program – Using the FHKP

Posted on November 25, 2018 in Uncategorized

The FHKP, which stands for the Florida Healthy Kids Program, is a government funded organization that is aimed towards providing health care to children between the ages of five and eighteen. The board of directors for the program consists of representatives from not for profit organizations, hospitals, as well as dentists and doctors. The FHKP provides coverage for children at a very low cost, and is a great opportunity for those that can’t afford to buy private health insurance for their kids. Here, we’ll go over a little bit of general information about the Healthy Kids Program, as well as why you might want to sign up.

The Florida Healthy Kids Program provides insurance for as little as fifteen to twenty dollars per month for each child. This is in stark contrast to some private health insurance companies, which can charge upwards of fifty dollars per month for children’s health insurance. The Healthy Kids Program also provides low cost full pay options, in order to try and make health coverage available to every single child between the ages of five and eighteen in Florida.

Health insurance is important not only for adults, but for children as well. Don’t take the risk of waiting until your child is injured or becomes ill to get health insurance, as you may find yourself unable to afford it or breaking the bank. The process of applying for the Florida Healthy Kids Program is simple, easy, and fast. All you need is your family’s most recent tax return form, a wage and earning statement, a few current pay stubs (for the last four weeks), and your child’s social security card. If your child does not yet have a social security card, you can simply provide the date you applied for it. You will also need proof of your citizenship and identity.

By taking advantage of the Florida Healthy Kids Program, you can provide your child with affordable, reliable health coverage. There are currently over two hundred thousand children enrolled in the Healthy Kids Program, and the program places a strong focus on personal health, cultural awareness, immunizations, doctor’s visits, emergency and hospital care, and compassion, in order to provide every child with the best treatment for their particular needs. You love your kids, so isn’t it time to get them the health care they deserve? Don’t let your kids go without health coverage another day.

If you need assistance in locating particular coverages at a pre-determined price, we can help save 50% on health insurance.

Healthy Kids Thrive in the Kitchen

Posted on November 19, 2018 in Uncategorized

Do you remember the kitchen from your childhood? Do you remember how it was the heart and soul of the home? Not only did all the meals get created there and many meals get eaten there, but that is where major decisions were made, “heart to heart” conversations were had and where visitors might have been greeted.

Today, in my own kitchen, it isn’t much different. The same important things are happening there. The kitchen is also where homework gets done, art projects get praised, and blogs get written. And very importantly, it is where lifelong lessons about food and nutrition are taught and learned.

As parents, raising healthy kids is a top priority for all of us. We don’t want it to be a temporary thing either. My personal mission is to raise lifelong healthy eaters. I try to move beyond the idea of “eat what is on your plate because I said so” and try to develop a basic, kid-friendly understanding of the importance of healthy eating. I believe that the more we talk about nutrients, the importance of “eating the rainbow”, why real food is more beneficial for our bodies and minds than processed food, as well as other things, the more likely my kids become flourishing, healthy kids now and flourishing, healthy adults in the future.

One of the best places to help healthy kids thrive in the way I am describing is in the kitchen. Bring them right into the heart and soul of the house! Let them watch, let them observe, let them question.

And then let them cook.

Kids of all ages can be hands on with food prep to some degree. It just takes a little planning, maybe a little preparation before you invite them in to join you, but it can be totally manageable. This is a rich learning experience for them and we should try to do this as often as we can.

Besides… it is FUN! If you are doing it right, you will share lots of laughs, good conversation and great quality time together. I am going to help you do that.

Before you jump up and call everyone into the kitchen, I want to share some things you should think about FIRST.



1. Set Up Beforehand

You don’t have to necessarily do much, but taking a few minutes to set up a few things means that you can focus on the kids and the food more instead of details that can be taken care of beforehand.

How much of this you do really depends on the ages of your children and their familiarity with the kitchen. With younger children you may take out all the ingredients and tools, have everything already measured and ready to be poured into a bowl for mixing. With older kids or kids more familiar in the kitchen, they may take out the ingredients as you read them or they read them off, they may do their own measuring, and so on.

No matter how much or how little you do, there is always something to do beforehand. Some additional things may include:

– Taking out extra dish- or paper towels in case of spills.
– Clearing off the cooking area, including the sink and oven if necessary.
– Deciding on a recipe.
– Setting out all the kitchen tools required.
– Taking ingredients out of the pantry and refrigerator.

2. Create work stations and set up some rules

The last thing we want is kids running into the kitchen, pushing for a first chance to use the peeler and having a screaming match break out. When my kids come into the kitchen, everyone has an assigned spot and job to begin with. We may rotate. We may not. But it is very clear as to who is going where right from the beginning.

Rule are important, too. The kitchen can be a dangerous place without rules. So we establish some right from the beginning, then change or add to the list as need arises.

Some rules you might include are:

– Wash your hands before and after cooking.
– Tie your hair back.
– Use your apron.
– Never touch the stove, it might be on.
– Ask before adding an ingredient.
– Only use the stove or a knife when Momma is with you.

Use rules that make sense for your kids and kitchen.

3. Relax and have FUN

If you can accept that messes will be make, shells might make it into the dish and an ingredient might be accidentally left out, then you have the right frame of mind to relax and enjoy the experience with your kids. The most important thing is not that the final product turns out perfect. The much more important thing is that kids are having a rich, hands on experience in the kitchen with YOU. What they learn will stay with them for a long time. They are more likely to connect healthy food and healthy eating with warm, positive feelings by the opportunities you give them to be hands on in the kitchen. So relax, smile, laugh off the “oopsies” and “uh oh’s” and have FUN!

Florida Healthy Kids Program – Great Benefits for Great Kids

Posted on November 12, 2018 in Uncategorized

Many times children are from the ages of five to eighteen are in need of health insurance, but their family cannot afford the traditional high cost of commercial health insurance providers. If you live in Florida, this is where the Florida Healthy Kids program can help you and your family. There are representatives that can help you choose a hospital, dentist and doctor for your child when you are accepted to use this program. If you are in need of medical assistance for your children and live in Florida, make sure you add this program to all of the options you may have.

If you are approved to be a member of the Florida Healthy Kids program, you will be able to have a low-cost, full-payment choice as well maybe coverage for as less as fifteen dollars a month. No matter what payment plan you are on, you can be confident when your child starts gymnastics or joins the football team that is an accident happens, you will be able to afford it and your child will have the best care available.

There are many different details that need to be known before applying for the Florida Healthy Kids program. First of all, you must apply. To this you can go online to their website or you can call them at their 888 number. Then, it will take about four to six weeks for them to process your application. After that, if you are accepted, you child (or children) will now be insured. This means that whatever medical and even dental expenses you might have like hospital stays, well-child visits, shots, vision services, dental coverage, mental health services and prescriptions will all be covered.

It is important to understand that your child is not given this insurance benefit automatically every year until he or she is eighteen years old. You must re-apply for the Florida Healthy Kids program every year. This is only to make sure that your child is not dually covered and that your income level has not changed. However, make note, if your household income is more than the amount for a partial pay or full pay plan from the state, you can always take the option of personally paying for the plan in full each month to have the great benefits included in this program. Once your child is nineteen, you move out of state, you do not pay your monthly premium or you do not renew the following year, he or she will no longer be insured by the state of Florida.

If you need assistance in locating particular coverages at a pre-determined price, we can help save 50% on health insurance