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Florida Healthy Kids Program – Keeping Informed About Insurance

Posted on September 19, 2018 in Uncategorized

For people who are raising families in Florida, there are plenty of great opportunities. The state has a wonderful education system, as well as a number of outdoor activities and various programs that are sponsored by the state to help families in need. When it comes to health insurance, Florida again scored high on the list. One of the reasons that Florida has such a good reputation in terms of health insurance is because of the Florida Healthy Kids program. This program is funded by the state of Florida. It is designed to provide affordable health insurance for young people 18 and younger. Some families learn that they will have to pay no more than 15 dollars a month in order to provide reasonable health insurance for their children.

There are many good things about the Florida Healthy Kids program. Most importantly, it gives some financial relief to those families who are having trouble making ends meet. Instead of having to pay for full family plans, which can be very expensive, the program allows working parents to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month by insuring their kids through the state. Not only is this good for the financially vulnerable, but it is also good for promoting good health among Florida’s growing youth population.

As with any program, however, the Florida Healthy Kids program also has a downside. The most common complaint you will hear about this program is that there is not enough flexibility within the program. Many parents complain that they have to drive an hour just to get their children to a physical. Others say that when it comes to special needs and appointments with specialists, there is not much in the way of assistance. This is when the private carriers begin to look more appealing.

If you are interested in searching for alternatives to the Florida Healthy Kids program, you should begin with an online search. One new service that many people don’t yet know about is a website that allows you to get free quotes from a number of major carriers so that you can find out what kind of coverage you can expect and how much you can expect to pay. This is a great way to get fully informed before you commit to the state sponsored program. Maybe the state program is the best idea. The truth is you won’t know until you look around and get more informed.

If you need assistance in locating particular coverages at a pre-determined price, we can help save 50% on medical insurance.

Healthy Kid Friendly Recipes

Posted on September 11, 2018 in Uncategorized

You can give your kids what they like to eat, yummy foods that are delicious and healthy. Teaching a child to eat healthy from the start will avoid a lot of problems later on as the child grows. Overweight children tend to have medical issues involving the heart and blood pressure and then there is the psychological factor as well, overweight children get bullied and mocked. You can prevent all of this as a parent by making sure your child eats the right kinds of nutritious food and leads an active life.

Parents can develop healthy eating patterns in children by being innovative and making use of some very healthy kid friendly recipes that use vegetables and proteins in combinations that provide for lower calorie, vitamin and mineral rich foods will teach a child to eat right and enjoy it. Whole grains are full of proteins but need to be served up as appealing fare to get children to eat the food and calcium rich foods are a must for the child’s bone development.

Busy work schedules and microwavable food have seriously affected the growing child’s overall growth and development, because bad eating habits make for nutrition less food. Parents tend to think that as the child grows these deficiencies can be made up for but that it is absolutely the wrong thinking. Right nutrition goes a very long way in making for a healthy child and the positive effects carry on into adulthood, helping defend against medical illnesses.

Children who are raised on nutritious foods adapt quickly to the food and don’t have any problem with eating it, but it is important to start them off right from the word go. Potato crisps are yummy but not nutritious, while fruit is tasty and good for a child. While it is true that it is far easier to whiz through the market picking up snacks and other munchies, it is well worth the time invested in shopping for healthy fruits and vegetables. Buy more fish, which is full of omega 3 fatty acids that are excellent for the body. Always check the child’s food pyramid for your food options and try as far as possible to stick to it.

Make sure your healthy kid friendly recipes include generous helpings of the daily recommended allowances of vitamins and minerals. You can get the vitamins and minerals chart to help you closely adhere to the necessary daily intake and make sure the food groups you buy cover all of them. Children who eat healthy, nutritious food seldom need vitamin supplements. Your pediatrician can help you make informed decisions about the food you give your child. Calcium, iron, zinc and fluoride, and vitamins A, C, D and K should be included in healthy does in the foods you feed your child.

There are several good books that you can buy, which provide healthy kid friendly recipes to help feed your child favorite foods that are healthy alternatives to high calorie diets.

Fun Healthy Kids’ Snacks – In Between Meals

Posted on September 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

A lot of companies who claim to be kid-friendly try to offer fun, healthy kids snacks. But for us moms, children and healthy eating is not just a business – we want to make sure that the foods our kids eat are nutritious and delicious, and not just because they are popular.

Usually, the attraction lies in the presentation of the food and not in the food itself, especially if you have a picky kid. My 8-year old is very picky … I doubt if someone can beat her reputation for pickiness. Recently though, she has developed an interest in seeing and eating food – if I present her spaghetti with some garlic bread on the side (just like in restaurants), she would ask for seconds, when before she would just take a couple of bites and ignore it completely. Same food, same taste, different presentation. I wondered if there was something to it.

So I tried it again – this time, I tried giving her food she doesn’t eat – vegetables. I cut up some carrots, celery, broccoli, and some lightly steamed green beans. I saw her hesitate when she saw what I was doing and tried to sneak out of the house. But I saw through her plan, so I asked her to bring out some cottage cheese (a food substance she will not do without). Curious, she asked what it was for. When I said it was for the veggie platter, she totally forgot about going to her friend’s house and spent the afternoon chatting with me, while I came up with refills of vegetables.

Moral lesson: Pique your child’s curiosity. Sometimes you just need a spark for you to be able to keep feeding him or her, your way.

Put together some nuts and pretzels, banana chips and even popcorn. Put it in a resealable bag, and you have a snack for a kid that’s on the go.

Have some plain yoghurt, mix in some pears or bananas for an instant snack. (Remember, yoghurt is calcium enriched – very good for your child’s constantly developing bones.)

Sandwiches are more fun and appealing when they have a different shape. Get some cookie cutters, and cut away. You’d be surprised that they’re eating your homemade chicken sandwich without nary a complaint. A mom-friend says that the sandwich she gives her kid is “assorted” – she cuts it into different pieces, and her child would put it all back together, like a jigsaw puzzle.

Fruit juices should always be served cold or chilled. (This can be partnered with other chewable snacks.) And fruit salads served as is would never appeal to a child (unless he’s been eating them from the time he was weaned). But try putting some cream on it and serve it frozen – your child will never be the same again.

Whether your child is picky or not, it doesn’t hurt to let your imagination run wild when preparing healthy snacks for your kids. Trust me; your kids will love you for it.