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Fun Healthy Kids Snacks

Posted on May 9, 2018 in Uncategorized

It’s a well known fact – growing children love to snack! Making fun healthy kids snacks will provide your children with fillers between meal times that are healthy and nutritious. While it is very easy to hand a bag of potato chips to your child to munch on, it will not give the child any nutritional value. Too much fast food, oily foods and over eating have led to a huge problem of overweight children across the country. As parents we have to take control of our children’s eating habits and steer them on the right path to eating foods that provide the nutrition the body needs to grow healthy and strong.

Children get hungry very quickly and if you have trained your child to eat right from a very young age you will not have any problem in getting them to eat the right kinds of snacks. Every growing child is going to need fillers between meals and it is better to train a child to eat smaller portioned meals more often. Healthy snacks are good fillers and can consist of fruits and other whole grain snacks that will add value to the growing body.

Supermarkets are inundated with kids snacks in exciting packages and oh so easy to just dump a few in the trolley and move on. Time savers indeed! These processed foods contain plenty of sugar that is not good for anybody. You can make eating fruit a lot more fun by blending it into yoghurt that makes for a very tasty snack. Alternatively you can also serve the child a fruit platter with a bowl of flavored yoghurt as a dip. Another alternative to getting your child to eat more fruit is to make fruit popsicles – goes down great on a summer day. Fruit smoothies are really very popular among children and can be made from low fat milk, yoghurt and fresh fruit. Your child gets the dual health benefits from fruit and low fat dairy products together. You can make up combinations of fresh vegetables and exciting dips or put low fat peanut butter on whole grain crackers. All of these ideas make for healthy snacks that are going to fill your child up in more ways than one with the goodness of nutrition.

When we are busy rushing around between work, the kids and home with barely a minute to breathe, it is very difficult to think nutritious when easy is all that comes to mind. However, every parent is urged to find the time to make up a list of fun healthy kids snacks based on the preferences of the child. Make a conscious effort to shop right; if you don’t have it in the house the child is not tempted to eat it!

If you take the time to consider your options to provide fun healthy kids snacks you will be pleasantly surprised, there is quite a list of possibilities ranging from fruit, pretzels, crackers with peanut butter, muffins, yoghurt, granola and so much more. Make the time – your child’s health depends on the food you feed him or her.

The Basics on Raising Healthy Kids

Posted on May 3, 2018 in Uncategorized

Having healthy kids is something that we all want. Raising healthy children will depend on the balance of a number of things since children have to be healthy in all aspects. Generally, children who are healthy are happy and will perform better in everything that they do.

Mentally, you can help stimulate your child’s development by teaching him the different skills that he needs. Reading stories together daily, talking about the things that he did and helping your child find out what his interests are will all help. Allow your child to explore the world around him so that he learns about how things work and he is able to satisfy his curiosity.

In terms of emotions, a lot of support should be given in their areas of interest. Take time to praise your child for the good things that he does and try to keep away from negative remarks.

Even children experience stress so teach him how to relax and cope with the daily stress that he goes through. Listening to what your child has to say is an important part of it all as well, so do make sure to lend an ear and always make eye contact to make him feel that he is important and that his opinion counts too.

Socially, you can help your child develop by exposing him to peers and helping him learn to socialize. Trips to the park, play school and even play dates can help open doors to meeting peers. This can also be a perfect chance for you to teach your child social graces, during situations that call for it.

In the physical aspect, you can make sure to raise healthy kids by keeping them active. This does not only mean keeping them in sports, but also making sure that you both do activities together. Playing with your child can be exercise in itself, and it will help you bond together as well. Of course you will also need to make sure that your child has the right nutrition in order to grow properly physically.

A well balanced diet that is properly planned will help ensure that your kids receive the proper nutrition to grow and have the right amount of energy to keep up with daily activities. Good nutrition should be practiced right from the start if you want to raise healthy kids. From the time that you have your child you should make the choice to go natural, picking breast milk over formula. Incorporate as much fruits and vegetables in meals and opt for water or fresh fruit juices when it comes to drinks. If you start early then it will be easier to continue this practice as your child grows older.

A good rule of thumb to follow when trying to raise healthy kids and plan nutritious meals is to stay away from processed foods that can contain additives, chemicals and preservatives. Rather opt for natural and fresh foods that will be better for your kids. Both malnutrition and obesity can be avoided if you keep meals healthy and natural. Keeping this in mind make it a habit to read the nutritional labels on the things that you buy; you will basically want less of the fats and more of the nutrients such as vitamins, fiber etc.

You can also make sure that your child gets the right nutrition by monitoring what he eats. Instead of having him buy food in the cafeteria where he can get junk from vending machines, try brown bagging. This does not have to mean that meals will be boring and taste awful. It can be a good challenge for you to come up with an interesting and delicious meal that will make your child look forward to lunch each day.

As a whole, raising healthy kids is possible if you remember to strike a good balance in all the aspects and give your kids the food they need.